Thursday, May 15, 2008

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About God...

I stumbled across this gem of a resource while researching some facts and stuff.  This resource answers in a very clear and unambiguous manner everything you could ever want to know about the question of god.

The Official God FAQ's can be found here >>>


Oh, and Ramen

Fundy Quotes

"Romans Ten Nine wrote: All non believers will burn in hell for eternity. That will be worst than at the stake. Hell, the lake of fire, is the second death. REVELATIONS

"We must burn them now. Our religion is under attack. Our numbers are shrinking. Those who claim to be christians are phonies. Christians today commit adultry (sic) and homosexuality. We must clense (sic) this evil planet of phonies and non believers before our religion dies. WE MUST BURN THEM ALL!!! It is the only way to keep satan from taking their souls to hell. He will take their souls and make them solders to fight against God. We must burn them before they die."

Scary huh?

Courtesy of Fundies Say the Darndest Things! >

Friday, May 9, 2008

Curious About The Role Of Satan

Christian mythology tells of a great war in heaven where the angels commanded by Lucifer were defeated by god and thrown out of heaven. This obviously begs the question of perfection in heaven, and if war happened once, it is not unreasonable to think that it might happen again, and what will happen to all those saved souls then? But I digress.

Satan is described as an adversary of god. As such he seems to spend much of his time guiding us away from god’s bidding. His track record as a salesman is brilliant since if you believe the jebus liars, only a few are saved, the rest of us will burn for eternity. That’s billions of people burning and only a few hundred thousand in the bliss of heaven. Satan achieves this massive victory with the promise of eternal pain, suffering and torment. What a salesman!

But why would Satan punish us for doing as he asked and turning away from the baby jebus and god? It seems to me that in punishing us he is working on behalf of our loving sky god and burning us in his name. Surely Satan should be rewarding us. After all, we chose the path of pain and suffering for eternity in his name, rather than bliss for eternity in the name of god. It takes more guts to go with Satan than god.

Is Satan working for god? Are they in cohorts?


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Today Is The National Day Of Lunacy

Lettuce pray...

Today (May 1) is the National Day of Prayer where we are expected to hit the deck and pray to jebus about shit and stuff.  I am as mad as a box of frogs!  What a bullshit batshit crazy stupid fucking waste of time.

This should be conducted as a controlled experiment.  We should choose 100 people with terminal cancer and pray that half die and half survive.  Let's see once and for all what a total waste of human effort this praying crap really is.


Friday, April 18, 2008

And They Never Saw The Invisible Pink Unicorn Coming

I was in debate with my coworker regarding the issue of spiritualists, psychics, faith healers, mystics, soothsayers and other such superstitious nonsense.  It was in particular reference to the UK implementing a new law that ensures that anyone representing themselves as providing a supernatural service must provide the burden of proof that their service is in fact genuine.  You can read all about it here >.

My coworker had a friend who is now deceased because she visited a homeopathic healer (read herb store) after she'd noticed a lump on her breast.  She was duly administered her magic herbs.  By the time she'd gotten herself into the hands of capable professional medical practitioners it was too late.  My coworker was quite rightly very annoyed, not only at her friend for her naiveté, but also directed at the fraud who led her friend to her agonizing death.

So I was surprised to lean of my coworkers opinion during the above discussion that it is not possible to measure these things and some people are just "born with the gift".  Obviously the murderer of her friend had not been born with the gift.  She insisted that these are intangible things and beyond the scope of science.

Oh the power of denial in the human mind, I am in total despair.  Now don't get me wrong, my coworker is a fine person and way above average intelligence.

My rebuttal was that it is indeed a quality we can measure.  If the frauds and the "real" gifted mediums predictions, results are measured we should find two things.  One, the fraudulent mediums will have results that correspond to blind chance, and two, the real mediums will show results that are in no way in line with blind chance.  I will agree with the "real" medium's claims of predictive gift if he/she can predict the outcome of a coin toss with 80% accuracy over 1000 flips of the coin.  The expected result will be 50% correct.  So the "real" medium will demonstrably show superior results to the fraud.  And if not, if the results are the same and correspond to the predictions of chance, then the "real" medium with the intangible non-measurable gift can be lumped with the fraud category.  Correct?

The burden of proof is on the person with the claim.  So I claimed to my coworker that I can become invisible.  She of course asked me to prove my claim true with a demonstration.  I of course responded that she could not prove that I cannot become invisible.  So we put it to the test.  I asked her to leave the room, count to 10 and return.  When she re-entered there I was sitting in my chair in plain view with a big smile on my face.  "See, you cannot become invisible!" she said.

"Au contraire, I was invisible the entire time you were in the other room, and you cannot prove that I wasn't"  was my reply.

Of course she couldn't disprove my claim.  So she insisted that I make myself invisible while she watches.  "That's just the thing, I can only make myself invisible when nobody is watching.  I know it kind of defeats the purpose, but I can't choose the rules of my supernatural gifts."

So what's your opinion, did the test meet sufficiently with observable, testable evidence to prove that I can indeed make myself invisible? Should I be publishing a paper for peer review?  Can you deliver my Nobel prize to a PO Box number?

But this kind of thinking, and "evidence of proof" is used time and time again by these charlatans and frauds, and of course our religious friends too, "you can't see or feel god because he will not reveal himself to atheists, but if you truly accepted jebus christ you would know god because he would touch you with his love".  See what I mean?

The population at large needs to be educated to understand 1) where the burden of proof lies, 2) what constitutes evidence or proof, and 3) no, just because I said it is so does not make it so.

I hope this helped the fraudulent fuckers who scam the innocent and naive see the error of their ways and go and get proper jobs, but I somehow doubt it.


A Question For ID Supporters: What is Darwinism?

As I listen (mouth agape) to the anti-intellectuals, anti-science league a.k.a. Ben Stein and the mocumentary Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed, I hear the words "Darwinism" and "Darwinist" repeated ad nausea. But what does that mean? I suspect that it is a symptom of how these people un-think, er think. It is inconceivable to the un-thinkers that thinkers do not have a person to worship or a dogma to submit to. Darwinism is seen as no more than a belief system that is contrary to the supposition that GODDIDIT.

It follows therefore that if GODDIDACTUALLYDIDIT then there must be someone to worship and follow. So they create Darwinism - which is a "faith" and since their faith is the right faith, this Darwinist faith is to be challenged. The un-thinkers are taking the position that Darwinists follow the dogma and creed of Darwin with the same quality of evidence, or lack thereof, as they themselves do. Because after all, what is being argued is not the existence or otherwise of god, but rather which god. Was it Yahweh or perhaps Darwin? I think we should be told.

This is for all you ID-iots out there. Read my lips. There is no such thing as Darwinism, Darwinist, Dawkinism, Dawkinsist etc. Do you call Hawkins a Newtonian or Einsteinian? Scientists do not follow dogma. They observe, test, test some more, observe again, throw out what doesn't work, test some more, observe some more, test, test, test...

The Theory of Evolution was postulated by Darwin (and he was not alone, he just got there first with a book) and has been tested to the point that science can now pretty much relax and use it as the basis for explaining how we became human. Don't go confusing this with how life started now my small minded little friend of an ID-iot. That is a totally different theory. Abiogenesis is the subject of how life started, not Evolution. Repeat that last part after me "Abiogenesis is the subject of how life started, not Evolution. "

The ID-iots fail to grasp the concept that science does not currently have the answer for everything. Abiogenesis is the perfect example. Scientists have some ideas how life started, but they don't have a great grasp on it in the same was that they do with how life changed and grew more complex of billions of years. But just because the answer is not readily available just yet it does not mean GODDIDIT. It means that scientists are working on the problem.

Think of it this way. Suppose that you have a math problem. It's a tricky one with lots of calculus and stuff. How would you approach the formula? Would you work through it logically step by step using the laws of mathematics until you solved the problem? Or would you look at the problem for a second, conclude the answer is impossible for mortal man to solve, and then drop to your knees to pray for the answer? The problem might take hours, days, weeks, months or years to solve. But because the answer is not immediately in front of us, it does not mean that it won't be solved - QED GODDIDIT.

Really, you ID-iots are so "instant gratification".

Hope this helped some, although I doubt it.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Edward Lorenz, Father of Chaos Theory Dies

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Edward Lorenz, the father of chaos theory, who showed how small actions could lead to major changes in what became known as the "butterfly effect," died of cancer on Wednesday at the age of 90, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said.

Lorenz, a meteorologist, figured out in the 1960s that small differences in a dynamic system such as the atmosphere could set off enormous changes. In 1972 he presented a study entitled "Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas.

Read More >

Is There A God? See What The World Thinks

The question of god is open to debate. Well not really. Only if you don't stop to think about it then you might argue in favor.

I have a poll on this blog asking the question. But aside from the stray waifs that accidentally end up on these pages, what does the rest of the world have to say on the issue?

Well you can find out here - this is a worldwide poll that asks the simple question "Do You Believe In God?"  No namby pamby in the middle answers here, it's a simple yes or no.  Cast your vote here >


In The Hand of Darwin - Scanned & Online

There are not too many people alive or dead who can claim that they genuinely changed the world.  One of the few examples is Charles Darwin.  The Theory of Evolution changed everything about the way we looked at the world.  And now you can see Darwin's actual handwritten notes, scanned in glorious detail and digitally recorded for posterity.

You can see Darwin's handwritten notes here >

Fundy Quotes

"I have always had a theory that the reason that America is not mentioned in the Bible is because God wanted America to stay a secret until it was finally to be discovered in 1492 or so."


Courtesy of Fundies Say the Darndest Things! >

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Save The Glaciers - Donate & Make A Difference

Are you as concerned about Climate Change (a.k.a Global Warming) as I am?

Clearly you’re not as concerned as me because I’ve gone and done something about it. I've actively taken steps to reduce the effects of Climate Change and am are busy saving the future of our planet, and perhaps the survival of humankind. You should be concerned because Climate Change affects you and everyone you love.

What have you done today? I suspect that the answer is “absolutely nothing, zero, nada, zilch, nil, bugger all.”

This is your chance to make a difference, this is perhaps your only ever opportunity to take a small step and help save yours' and your children’s planet. I encourage you to continue to read this important posting and take action - you can help save the planet’s glaciers.

Save the planet’s glaciers and act today. Your opportunity to help is literally “melting away” so act now because in a very real sense, “time is limited”.

“You must be dumb, how can you save the glaciers?” I hear you ask.

Great question. The answer is simple really. I am asking a lot of people to take a small yet effective and affirmative action. I want millions of ordinary people to simply sponsor a square inch of a glacier.  The more sponsors, the more of the glaciers I can save.

“Alright, sounds great in principle, but how are you going to make this work?” I further hear you ask.

Your questions are right on the mark. You sound like the sort of person who really gets it, so you should sign up now. But if you really want the details, here’s how it works.

For each sponsorship I receive I charter a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet. My team of 4 will fly to random countries that are suspected of having glaciers. They will each rent a huge fuck off SUV and drive into some mountains until they find a glacier. Once located, they will drive back to the airport and rent a helicopter. The helicopter will fly each of my team to their respective glacier and a one inch section of the glacier will be removed and placed into a vacuum sealed portable storage device.

The helicopter then returns to the airport where the 747 has been waiting, the team returns to the US.

Once back on friendly soil the team makes their way to my state of the art secret glacier storage facility, each in their own rented huge fuck off SUV.

The samples are collected and taken to the freezers inside my facility. I have 14,000 freezers and these are operated day and night at maximum power.  As a precaution I constantly run the air conditioning units, day and night, they maintain a cold but workable temperature across the 250,000SQFT storage facility.

To further protect the preserved glaciers I employ a team of 35 security guards who 24/7/365 each patrol the perimeters of the facility in their own huge fuck off SUV's.

My operation has been so successful that the demand for power from the glacial storage facility has created a surge of around 30% additional output from the local electric utility.  So much so in fact that I have been informed that they need to burn an additional 1,000 tons of coal every day to keep up with the demand.

This is a massive testament to the success of my project. But I won’t stop here. I will not stop until every square inch of every glacier in the world is sponsored and safely preserved in my glacial storage facility.

Then what? Then I plan to save the Rain Forests - but more on that at a later time.

So what are you going to do?  Are you going to sit there and do nothing while the glaciers melt before your weeping children’s eyes?  Are you happy to sit there motionless while your planet is destroyed before your weeping children’s eyes?  Do you enjoy watching weeping children?  Are you a Godless atheist bastard?  I thought not.  So take action and sponsor your glacier today.

Sponsorship is only $9.99 and not only buys you your glacier but also other things too numerous to mention. Everlasting youth is not out of the question as God may see your action as so worthwhile that he grants you ever-lasting youth. And only for a single donation of $9.99. You may also receive 3 wishes that you may use for the gratification of your own filthy pleasures. Or you may not. But you might and if you do, it was all because you sponsored your glacier for only $9.99.

So sponsor NOW! Your transaction is safe and secure through PayPal - and you don’t even need a PayPal account.

Still not convinced? Okay here are some testimonials that just might help you make the right decision and act to save your planet today (think of the weeping children).

*Bob Bobson - Kentucky. “You rock. I can sleep at night knowing that I have done my own part in helping save this planet”

*Will Wilson - Colorado. “I am a devout Catholic and when I mentioned what I had done to the Pope, when he had dropped by for coffee the other week, he immediately began the process of my saintification - thank you.”

*John Johnson - Alaska. “We’ve got so many stinking glaciers here in Alaska. Melt them all, that’s what I say. Maybe we would have a decent summer for once.”

* Andrew Andrews - California. “What can I tell you ? Since I sponsored my glacier for the low, low price of $9.99, I have been blessed with the gift of eternal youth. My wife is pissed as hell. Thank you so much.”

* Rob Robson - Also California. “I met Andrew Andrews (above testimonial) and he is a liar. He should have said ‘the low, low, low, low price of $9.99’, I don’t think he did your low, low, low, low price of $9.99 any justice.”

(* Denotes the kind of thing the above made up people would have said about us if they had used our service and were not made up).

This is your last chance. I won’t be asking again. So sponsor NOW! Your transaction is safe and secure through PayPal - and you don’t even need a PayPal account.


Stating the Bleeding Obvious

You know that something in the world is not making sense when an established, well respected and leading science institution feels compelled to publish the following statement:

The Geological Society of London is the oldest national learned society for the Earth sciences in the world, and embodies the collective knowledge of nearly 10,000 Earth scientists worldwide. On their behalf it wishes, during the United Nations International Year of Planet Earth, to place on record the following facts as being long established beyond doubt.

  • Planet Earth, along with the other planets in the Solar System, was formed approximately 4560 million years ago.

  • Life has existed on Earth for thousands of millions of years. It has evolved into its current form by a combination of genetic variation and natural selection - and is likely to go on doing so for as long as it continues to exist.

  • Close study of the structure and organisation (sic - that's how the English spell) of living animals and plants clearly indicates their common ancestry, and the succession of forms through the fossil record, as well as the genetic record contained in every living organism, provides powerful evidence of the reality of evolution.

It is a statement of the bleeding obvious and any cretin creationists with a brain cell should drop their crazy bullshit dogma and repent in the face of overwhelming evidence (we've got the fossils - you fail).  Of course they won't and the batshit crazy cretin creationists won't let this slide for a moment.

You can read more here >