Friday, May 9, 2008

Curious About The Role Of Satan

Christian mythology tells of a great war in heaven where the angels commanded by Lucifer were defeated by god and thrown out of heaven. This obviously begs the question of perfection in heaven, and if war happened once, it is not unreasonable to think that it might happen again, and what will happen to all those saved souls then? But I digress.

Satan is described as an adversary of god. As such he seems to spend much of his time guiding us away from god’s bidding. His track record as a salesman is brilliant since if you believe the jebus liars, only a few are saved, the rest of us will burn for eternity. That’s billions of people burning and only a few hundred thousand in the bliss of heaven. Satan achieves this massive victory with the promise of eternal pain, suffering and torment. What a salesman!

But why would Satan punish us for doing as he asked and turning away from the baby jebus and god? It seems to me that in punishing us he is working on behalf of our loving sky god and burning us in his name. Surely Satan should be rewarding us. After all, we chose the path of pain and suffering for eternity in his name, rather than bliss for eternity in the name of god. It takes more guts to go with Satan than god.

Is Satan working for god? Are they in cohorts?



Shrubber said...

I agree with your assertion that satan (as portrayed in the christian bible) is apparently a team member of the God Squad, doing Yahweh's dirty work.

However, they can't be "in cohorts".

They can be cohorts or they can be in cahoots.