Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stating the Bleeding Obvious

You know that something in the world is not making sense when an established, well respected and leading science institution feels compelled to publish the following statement:

The Geological Society of London is the oldest national learned society for the Earth sciences in the world, and embodies the collective knowledge of nearly 10,000 Earth scientists worldwide. On their behalf it wishes, during the United Nations International Year of Planet Earth, to place on record the following facts as being long established beyond doubt.

  • Planet Earth, along with the other planets in the Solar System, was formed approximately 4560 million years ago.

  • Life has existed on Earth for thousands of millions of years. It has evolved into its current form by a combination of genetic variation and natural selection - and is likely to go on doing so for as long as it continues to exist.

  • Close study of the structure and organisation (sic - that's how the English spell) of living animals and plants clearly indicates their common ancestry, and the succession of forms through the fossil record, as well as the genetic record contained in every living organism, provides powerful evidence of the reality of evolution.

It is a statement of the bleeding obvious and any cretin creationists with a brain cell should drop their crazy bullshit dogma and repent in the face of overwhelming evidence (we've got the fossils - you fail).  Of course they won't and the batshit crazy cretin creationists won't let this slide for a moment.

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Anonymous said...

"It is a statement of the bleeding obvious"

I agree, but you never know! It may enlighten some people - lol

Organisation (sic - that's how the English spell) - how on earth did Americans get it wrong?

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

I’m a small peAce-de-resistance of a Larger Picture. God bless you.