Tuesday, April 8, 2008

God Was Lovely & Nice To Me Today

God has been very good to me today, as indeed he is everyday.  He made sure that my alarm clock did not malfunction in the night and so I woke up in plenty of time to get a shower and eat breakfast before I had to head for work.  God made sure that my journey to work was free from incident and he made sure that all the crazy drivers were elsewhere (crashing into Godless atheists I hope) as I made my trip to the office.  When I arrived at work I noticed that God in His infinite wisdom had seen it fit not to allow the building to be consumed in flames during the night.  I dropped to my knees and thanked Him profusely for this blessing.

With the help of God my morning passed without incident.  God's hand was actively keeping international terrorists at bay as we did not encounter a single incident of terror before lunch.  For that I once again prayed and gave thanks.

God made me a lovely sandwich which I devoured for my lunch.  He made sure that I ate without biting my tongue or choking on the masticated food.

After lunch God again prevented acts of terror, kidnappings, burglary and rape, and I was most grateful.  He saw it fit to make sure that my workload was light (I think He must have done some of my work for me Himself - thank you Lord). I did however stub my toe on my desk leg - the work of Satan.

After work I arrived home safely.  Ate my dinner provided for me by God (He had been to the grocery store for me while I was at work, which was nice. And He always knows what I fancy for dinner too!).

I said my evening prayers and jumped into bed grateful that I was in the loving hands of my Lord and that I would be looked after while I slept.

You know, it is so nice to live my life without having to take any responsibility about anything whatsoever and to know that everything good that happens is the work of the Lord.