Sunday, April 6, 2008

Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed

There has already been an enormous amount written on the blogs about this none sense of a movie, and I just have to put my ten cents worth into the fray.

The subtitle; "No Intelligence Allowed" sums up the concept of the movie with an almost sublime genius. There is absolutely no intelligence allowed into the movie whatsoever. What's more, the public relations fiasco surrounding the amazingly ironic expulsion of PZ Myers from a pre-viewing at the Mall of America beautifully illustrates the ignorance of the producers of this debacle of a movie.

The central tenet of the "documentary" movie is that the scientific community is conspiring against the inclusion of "Intelligent Design" theory (ID) and any scientist that even breathes the idea of ID is immediately cast out by the scientists and ridiculed. What is more, the proponents of ID seem to infer (insist actually) that if you are not for ID, then you are an evil Evolutionist Atheist and directly responsible for Hitler, the Holocaust and Stalin. The non sequitur conclusion is almost parody. Strike that, it is parody.

Now I have to lay to rest the rumor's that I have read, and these were posted entirely on pro ID or Christian blogs and site, that PZ Myers was "expelled" because he was a gate crasher to the event and was not invited. Dr. Myers was not invited in the same way that all the other attendees were "not invited" insomuch as to attend the pre-screening, all that was needed was to register your name and the number of guests on the appropriate web site. Dr. Myers did this as did all the other attendees not there in the capacity of a guest.

A certain Professor Richard Dawkins was in attendance in the capacity of Dr. Myers guest, and Dawkins made it into the theater with no problem. Odd, since Dawkins is one of ID's greatest enemies and detractors.

The reason for Myers expulsion was later given by the producers that Myers should "pay to see the movie". You need to know this - PZ Myers was in the movie. He is even profusely thanked for his contribution in the closing credits!!! Imagine if Mel Gibson was charged entrance for the preview of "The Passion of The Christ". Can you imagine the uproar?

Anyway I am rambling....

You can watch Dawkins and PZ Myers discuss the issue in this video...